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According to IRCC, there were


new permanent residents admitted to Canada in 2022

IRCC issued a record


Invitation to Apply (ITA)s in 2021

The success rate of immigration applications often depends on the quality of the business plan submitted

Canada Immigration Programs

Are you seeking a fully compliant business plan for your Canadian immigration journey? Look no further! Our expert team specializes in crafting business plans tailored to meet the requirements of various Canadian immigration programs.


  • Start-up Visa Business Plan

    Canada's Start-up Visa Program welcomes entrepreneurs and innovators to drive economic growth within the country. To secure support from Canadian venture capital firms, incubators, or angel investor groups, a highly professional business plan is essential.

  • Self-Employed Visa Business Plan

    Eligible for self-employed immigrants with experience in culture, arts, sports, or recreation, this program requires a detailed business plan demonstrating the viability of your business.

  • Intra-Company Transfer Visa Business Plan

    International companies can send qualified employees to establish or expand their Canadian operations, enhancing competitiveness within the Canadian market. Successful applicants receive work provisions to grow their proposed businesses.

  • LMIA Owner Operator Business Plan

    The LMIA Owner Operator program provides a secure route for foreign business professionals to purchase an existing Canadian business. Once the visa is issued, the applicant works in a managerial role within the same business.

  • LMIA Exempt C10 - IMP Significant Benefit Business Plan

    This LMIA-exempt work permit requires applicants to create a notable social or cultural benefit to Canada, demonstrating leadership in their field and a positive contribution to Canada.

  • LMIA Exempt C11 - IMP Entrepreneur Business Plan

    Tailored for entrepreneurs looking to establish or acquire businesses in Canada, this program requires demonstrating economic benefits and plans for the business's successful establishment.


  • British Columbia BC PNP Base Stream Visa Business Plan

    Applicants looking to start businesses in British Columbia must provide business concepts and plans as part of the application process.

  • British Columbia BC PNP Regional Pilot Visa Business Plan

    This program targets business establishment in smaller communities and requires a business concept or plan for an exploratory visit.

  • Alberta AINP Visa Business Plan

    Designed for self-employed farmers, this stream aims to stimulate Alberta's economic development, requiring farm management skills and financial resources.

  • Manitoba MPNP Visa Business Plan

    Entrepreneurial immigrants and farmers seeking permanent residency in Manitoba should provide a Self-Assessment Form and a well-thought-out Business Concept.

  • Ontario OINP Visa Business Plan

    Entrepreneurs looking to start or expand businesses in Ontario can benefit from the OINP Entrepreneur stream, which grants temporary work provisions.

  • Nova Scotia NSNP Visa Business Plan

    The NSNP Entrepreneur Stream is for those who want to establish businesses in Nova Scotia. A sophisticated business plan covering all aspects of development is essential.

Canada Immigration Business Plan

Are you ready to make Canada your new home? Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, skilled worker, or family looking for a fresh start, our Canada Immigration Business Plan Service is your gateway to a successful immigration journey.

What We Deliver

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Business Plan Development

Craft a comprehensive business plan that aligns with your immigration program's requirements.

Market Research

Gain valuable insights into the Canadian business landscape to make informed decisions.

Financial Projections

Prepare accurate financial statements to support your application.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Guidance

Our experienced consultants are experts in Canadian immigration and business planning. We know the ins and outs of the system to help you achieve your goals.

Customized Solutions

Your journey is unique, and so are our solutions. We tailor our services to your specific needs and objectives, ensuring a personalized experience.

Legal Compliance

Rest assured, your immigration and business plan will meet all Canadian legal and regulatory requirements.

Time and Stress Savings

We handle the complex aspects of immigration, allowing clients to focus on their business and transition!

Sample Business Plans

Please be aware that these business plans are provided solely for demonstration purposes. The client and business details presented are entirely fictional and not based on actual individuals or enterprises.

Contact us today to learn more about our Canada Immigration Business Plan Service and get started on your path to success.


A Business Plan

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We follow a this simple 4-step process to craft your business plan:

Step 1

• Complete and Submit Our Online Form

Step 2

• Engage in a Detailed Consultation with Our Consultant

Step 3

• Receive a Comprehensive Draft within 7/15 Days

Step 4

• Collaborate on Revisions and Receive Your Customized Business Plan

Our Packages

Standard Provincial PNP/Federal Visa Business Plan (Delivery in 15 Days) - $1,499

Express Provincial PNP/Federal Visa Business Plan (Delivery in 7 Days) - $1,999

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